Our Team

Wendy Ramirez | Owner/Designer

I Discovered my love for fashion and design when I was 10. I grabbed my mom’s sewing machine and made my first halter top. I realized I had an innate talent for creating fashion. In High School I wanted to apply to Fashion Design School but I was torn by a desire to make a difference in my community of East LA. I wanted to help people and I didn’t think I could help others with fashion.

I put aside my love for fashion and creating and obtained a degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley and a law degree from Loyola Law School which led me to move to Washington DC and work in Congress. From 2004-08, I worked very hard on immigration reform and learned a lot about our government. In the immigration debate no one was talking about why people risk everything and leave their home countries. My next job was in international development where I got to travel and experience firsthand the challenges facing many Latin American countries. As I traveled throughout Latin America helping promote Democracy I rediscover my love for fashion and design. I started collecting precious stones, beads, materials, and making jewelry.

In 2013 I decided to leave my job and build a business that combines everything I love, fashion, design, traveling, teaching, helping others and development. I want to share my creativity with others, to make women feel proud of their culture or appreciate other cultures. Success to me is creating jobs and economic opportunities so women and families are not forced to migrate from their communities. There is a growing demand for ethical, sustainable fashion that consumers can culturally connect with. There are also many impoverished indigenous communities with a rich tradition of skilled artisan crafts that face extraordinary challenges when trying to sell their products outside of their community. I want to create opportunities so others can do what they are passionate about. Designing, traveling and giving back to these communities is my passion and the reason I started INTIMALENA.