To Blog or Not To Blog?

Oh no not one more thing to do! I thought it would take too much time to write a blog even though every one recommend that I do a blog. In early March 2018 I attended the #Weallgrow Latina Summit in Long Beach and met so many amazing mujers that are rock star bloggers and talking to them I realized every one has a different reason to Blog so I went on my social media and shared the following post with my followers: 

I have been traveling the world 🌎 for over two decades. First as a broke college student then with VIP treatment as a representative of the US government, now for my business, vacation and weddings. Headed to Colombia tonight to spend time with my husbands family... Since I have a serious addiction to travel because it feeds my soul, makes me grow and learn more about myself and inspires me to follow my dreams, I want to start a travel blog to share those experiences with you all. What do you think I should call my blog? If I pick your suggestion you will get a bag of Colombian coffee and a surprise gift from Colombia. (US Shipping only) Tag a friend who loves to travel.. Would love to hear your suggestions #travel #travelblog #travelnamecontest #colombia #livecultura

The responses were thoughtful, creative and hilarious! 

  • #vuelavuela (from Magneto) (I am personally obsessed with this song but that 80's video is hillarious - watch it!) 
  • Wonderlust Wendy
  • Wendyful Travel
  • Wanderful Wendy Travels
  • Wendyskies
  • Wendy en las nubes
  • Vuelta al mundo con Wendy
  • The World through the eyes of Wendy
  • International Travel with Wendy
  • The Wendy Way
  • Follow the Compass
  • Wandering Wendy 
  • Globe Trotting With Wendy
  • Wendy's Voyage
  • Where's Wendy
  • Wendy on the Go
  • Wendy Vagabond
  • Bon Voyage con LA Viajera
  • Vagabunda
  • Intimalena Treasure Quest
  • Travelelena
  • Gitana
  • Mundo Maravilla
  • Latina Viajeara 
  • Cloud Living
  • My Oyster
  • #DCCrewTravel
  • Travel Bug
  • Viajar es Vivir (From the Welcome Sign in Bogota) 

What creative friends and followers I have! It was too hard to just pick one so there are three winners. My favorite #VuelaVuela because in another life I believe I was a bird.. So much so that when I was 18 living and studying in Mexico City I got a tattoo on my upper buttocks of a bird. I still love it! The most peace I have ever felt is also paragliding off a cliff in Rio de Janeiro and if you notice the logo to my brand also has a bird in it.. So I like to fly fly like a bird. LA Viajera is also vey appropriate because I do notice that when I travel I see it from the eyes of a Latina that has traveled the world but lives in LA and that shapes how I see the places I visit now. And well INTIMALETA ... is just hilarious and brilliant and yes INTIMALENA my brand got started by me lugging artisan goods and supplies from work trips in my maletas... So there you go... Stay tune for all my travel adventures in this blog. Thank you all for engaging with me in the socials and Congratulations to the winners. 

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