Virgencita Natural Flower Earrings


Black Agate Beaded Choker


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Pre Columbian Gold Plated Diamond Shape Earrings


Purple Agate Pendant Necklace


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Our Roots

INTIMALENA is a brand that promotes art and culture in fashion.There is a growing demand for ethical, sustainable fashion that consumers can culturally connect with. There are also many impoverished indigenous communities with a rich tradition of skilled artisan crafts that face extraordinary challenges when trying to sell their products outside of their community. Designing, traveling and giving back to these communities is my passion and the reason I started INTIMALENA. 

Colorful Flower Embroidered Shawl or Rebozo   $96.00


Pre Columbian Gold Plated Penacho de Plumas Earrings $45.00

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Natural flower beaded choker


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Multi-Color Beaded Pyramid Earrings


Snowflake Obsidian Beaded Choker Necklace


Lavender Agate and Glass Crystal Bead Necklace


Amethyst Necklace


Red Flower Embroidered Belt


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